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We hope you like our collection so far, we're just beginning and rapidly developing our product lines so please follow us to keep up to date on our developments.  

1. About us
2. Every item sold contributes to creating global marine reserves
3. Why does it matter?
4. Organic cotton
5. Printing
6. Garment Manufacture and Fair Wear
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1. About us

We are DriftFish, a global community who share a passion for life by the water. We believe in helping to protect the world we love to play in by retailing men's and women's clothing and accessories that demonstrate the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards. DriftFish will donate 10% of pre-tax profits to marine conservation so every item sold contributes to protecting more of the world’s oceans. We hope to inspire change towards a cleaner and greener world, join us and be part of the solution. 

Our Mission

- To provide customers with a great level of service.


- To only retail high quality products with the same level or greater performance as any other non-eco products.

2. Every item sold contributes to creating global marine reserves.

DriftFish believe that businesses should give back. Currently for every £10,000 of UK foundation philanthropy only £1.40 reaches marine conservation projects. We need greater protection of the world’s oceans, only 2.8% are currently protected. DriftFish will donate 10% of pre-tax profits to our chosen charity who are aiming to increase the marine reserves on the planet by 3 – 5 times in the next 7 years.  

3. Why does it matter?

Walking on a peaceful beach. Watching the Waves. Diving into the blue water. We treasure and love ours seas and coasts. The oceans touch has inspired change, creativity, exploration and has the power to heal and breakdown boundaries. None of these pleasures can be guaranteed, however, unless we recognise and address the dangers now faced by marine life – and, through them the dangers we face.  

A healthy ocean supplies the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. If the ocean isn't healthy, neither are we. Global warming, pollution and overfishing are resulting in changes to the ocean and the environment that could be a grave threat to all life on earth. It is our duty to preserve their wild and free existence by protecting them from the human threats that surround them.

The sections below detail how DriftFish try to reduce the impact of our apparel on the marine environment throughout the entire supply chain.

4. Organic cotton

Our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton from India. Our use of organic cotton delivers proven benefits for people and the environment by;

a). eliminating hazardous synthetic pesticides and fertilisers - Organic cotton doesn’t use dangerous pesticides, protecting farmers’ lives, the marine environment and beneficial species such as bees. The World Health Organisation estimates that 20,000 people in the developing world die every year because of pesticide poisoning, much of which is used on cotton crops. Pesticide poisoning is also thought to cause 3 million chronic health problems every year. Pesticides reduce soil fertility so that more and more chemicals are required to encourage crop growth, sinking farmers into more and more debt. Every year 200,000 farmers commit suicide because of their spiralling debt problems. Pesticide use is a dirty business.

b). It saves precious water and energy - Organic cotton farming uses less energy, and healthy organic soils store more CO2.  Our manufacturers facilities are run by green renewable wind energy giving 90% reduced carbon footprint. 30 turbines turn wind power into clean renewable energy electricity to power the manufacturing process. According to PAN UK it can take more than 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton, equivalent to a single t-shirt and a pair of jeans. That’s why we chose our suppliers based on their location in a region that receives up to 95% of its water from the monsoon rainfall. This reduces the need for large scale irrigation normally associated with conventional cotton farming, which often deprives local villages of scarce water resources by draining lakes and rivers and adds significantly to the products footprint.

5. Artwork and Printing

Our artworks are hand drawn and screen printed in the UK. Most commercial screen printers print garments using plastisol inks containing PVC and phthalates that are harmful to the environment and have been linked to numerous medical disorders. Our inks do not contain any toxic chemicals that could find their way back into the eco system. Using these inks also means that we do not use harmful solvents to clean our screens down after printing - the inks are rinsed away using water.

Our screen printed apparel is highly durable to wash, wear and even to dry clean. We recommend washing up to 40oC and air drying instead of tumble drying.

6. Garment Manufacture and Fair Wear

Millions of garment workers around the world face poor working conditions and limits to their rights and freedoms. Wages are too low to survive on, work days are extremely long and conditions are unsafe. Workers are rarely free to join unions and improve their own situation. Our supplier is certified by the Fair Wear Foundation meaning the manufacturers have undergone an annual audit to comply with the Fair Wear Foundation code of labour practices, which includes the payment of a living wage, safe working conditions and reasonable working hours.

Our manufacturer is also certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, Class I. The Oeko-Tex Standard is a guarantee of the safety of textiles and dyestuffs to human health and to the environment.

7. Shipping from source to customer 

Our apparel is delivered to you in degradable packaging. Our manufacturers have a no airfreight policy, using containerised shipping instead making the carbon footprint generated by our apparel getting to Europe negligible.   

We shall endeavour to dispatch the goods to you as soon as possible after you place your order, normally within 2 working days if the goods are in stock, and in any event within 30 days beginning on the day after you place your order. If we are unable to dispatch the goods within that time we will email as soon as possible to let you know and give you an estimated delivery date and you will have the right to cancel your order and receive a full refund as set out in that email.

8. Contact Us

Any queries please email us at: info@driftfish.co