Women's Green Turtle T-Shirt


Every item sold contributes to protecting more of the worlds oceans. This item is:

  • Made with 100% organic cotton.
  • Hand printed in the UK with durable water based inks.
  • Made under fair trade conditions.
  • Made using sustainable manufacturing processes.

Green turtles are listed as endangered, and their numbers are decreasing due to hunting, egg collection, habitat destruction and accidental by-catch. When hatched Green Turtles measure about 5cm but can grow up to 5 feet. A healthy individual can expect to live 80-100 years or even more. On land they move slowly, laboriously pulling themselves along with their flippers but in the sea they can propel themselves at up to 35mph. It takes at least 20 - 50 years to reach sexual maturity and they will only return to land every 2 – 4 years to lay their eggs.