Women's Jelly Fish T-Shirt


Every item sold contributes to protecting more of the worlds oceans. This item is:

  • Made with 100% organic cotton.
  • Hand printed in the UK with durable water based inks.
  • Made under fair labour conditions.
  • Made using sustainable manufacturing processes.

Meet your ancestors. If you could trace your family tree back 500 million years, you’ll end up at a jellyfish. You can give these guys some credit for the evolution of eyes, the nervous system and muscles. Jellyfish are great survivors, not even the past 5 major extinction events which killed up to 90% of all life on earth, killed off the jellyfish. The more we overfish, pollute, acidify, warm and trawl ocean bottoms, the better the jellyfish do. If we don’t step up our environmental efforts the time when jellyfish once again rule the waves may not be far away.